Theft Prevention Brochure

Theft Awareness Program – a critical leap to a bigger bottom line.

Spread the word — to employees, customers and the general public — to show that you’re taking action against theft and loss. By introducing an awareness program and supporting it with physical evidence that you’re keeping an eye on your assets, you can move the needle on both your losses and employees’ attitudes. Here’s how:

5 Small Steps to a Theft Awareness Program and 5 Big Reasons to start now.

1. Educate your employees. Few employers – let alone their staff – realize that 85% of all industrial theft is internal…losses exceeding $50 Billion annually.* Awareness of the overall severity of inside theft helps employees realize that “one little tool out of hundreds” really does make a big difference.
2. Give them a 2nd chance. Dedicating a one- or two-week amnesty period for employees to return “borrowed” tools promotes integrity while saving on costs related to more punitive processes. Giving employees a sense of responsibility and trust can happen automatically and with little cost — you’d be surprised how many tools come back on their own under a safe umbrella.
3. Set up an Equipment Loan Program. With a little administrative effort and input from your staff, empower your employees and let them borrow tools for home use. By offering them an alternative to stealing, you not only reduce your losses but also enhance your employee loyalty by providing a ‘soft’ benefit.
4. Show and tell. Post ToolWatch warning labels at project sites and on trucks and gang boxes, and distribute progress reports on your Theft Awareness Program. You can also take your tool tracking one step further with I.D.Ology™, our forensic marking solution. Frequent reminders of your program create a “passive deterrence” effect among your employees. And nothing pleases customers and shareholders more than visible signs of cost controls and efficient management.
5. Reward their efforts. Kick-off your Theft Awareness Program with a launch party and celebrate the company’s achievements on the back-end, and use the ToolWatch Tool Billing module to help create incentives plus track and measure performance. Putting a positive spin on a potentially negative subject will engage your staff and jump-start results, leading to loyalty and enhanced company culture, and the automated incentive system that encourages tool returns cuts administrative costs.

How can ToolWatch help?

In addition to providing systems that simplify your tool and equipment tracking and identifying opportunities related to theft and loss, we now offer products such as Warning Labels and I.D.Ology to help you gain even more control of your assets. Call a ToolWatch specialist today to learn how you can get the maximum benefits from a ToolWatch system.