eBags Brochure



Cancelled flights, jam-packed overheads, laptop limbo, hurry up and wait. Sound familiar? We know. We also know the little big things in a bag that make a difference. Like organization. Smooth zipping. And quiet rolling to get you there looking good. We can’t take away the road warrior rat race, but we’ll at least lessen your stress on the go. Depend on eBags for every business trip du jour–we’ve got your bag.

Be strong. Stay organized. Go light. Keeping it simple hardly means compromising, regardless of your outdoor adventure. But have no worries about your bags, because eBags is all about quality. We nail the basic elements so you can focus on the skill and will to get you over the top. Whether your thing is peaks and valleys, snowboards or sailboats, we’ve got your bag. The adrenaline fix is up to you.

You needn’t be a Diva to have style…and it can change as frequently as your horoscope. Your image matters, whether it’s a trip to the mall, a workout at the gym, or that token appearance at the Paramount. And as often as you’re in and out of your bag, don’t think others don’t notice what you’re carrying. Choose carefully…from pony prints to sequins to classic leather and micro fiber, we’ve got your bag.

A lot goes down in the life of a student. There’s so much to keep track of: textbooks, parties, study groups, work shifts, team practice, weekend jams…it never ends! We get it at eBags–and we’ve got the solution to give you the break you need. Being organized and low-maintenance is really just a function of looking good–on and off campus. From backpacks and gym bags to wheeled luggage and handbags, we’ve got bags that rock.